November 18, 2020 at 5:26 PM

Forget the January sales. If you want to get the best deal on a car start planning now!


Buying a car requires a number of decisions to be made and a lot of planning too to make sure you get what you need at the perfect price for you. Once you have decided on the car and the features you would like, you are ready to go to the dealership and buy! 


There are certain times of the year and even during the week, that is better for buying a new car. Waiting for those times of the year will save you a lot of money without compromise. The savings start to grow in October and then by November, it’s peak time to head to the dealerships and start looking for the best deals you can find. 


Leeway Motor Company have put together a few reasons that this time of the year is the best time of the year to buy a used car in Newport


Number Plate Changes


New number plates are introduced at the beginning of the year and the end, which is usually when car sales peak and any model sporting the latest plate is guaranteed to cost slightly earlier equivalent. If you wait a couple a month or two after the number plate release you should miss the hype and will still get a car with the new number plate at a lower price.  


Hitting Sales Quota


As you get towards the end of the year or even the end of the month, dealerships are going to be more aware of how many cars would have been sold that year. This allows them to know how close they are to their goals for the year to figure out if they meet or exceed those numbers. This will give them better motivation to do deals with you to hit their sales quota. 


Model Clear Out


Since the end of the year is when you’re heading into a new model year as well, it is a good thing to keep in mind that dealerships will need to make space for new models coming out in the new year. If you have spent time researching and you know the car you want is reaching the end of its model year, head to dealerships today and find the best deal for you and your family!


November/December time usually offers some of the best discounts in the car industry, averaging at a 6.82% discount off the sticker price.


Black Friday 


We know that a lot of shops are putting on Black Friday deals and car dealerships are no different. Get in touch with Leeway Motor Company today to see what deals are available in our lot! 


Get The Best Deal On Your Dream Car Today 

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